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  本文摘要:Airlines are toughening up cockpit rules after French prosecutors accused the co-pilot of the Germanwings airliner that crashed in the Alps of wanting to “destroy the plane” when he was left alone on the flightdeck.法国检察机关对失事于阿尔卑斯山区的德国之翼(Ge


Airlines are toughening up cockpit rules after French prosecutors accused the co-pilot of the Germanwings airliner that crashed in the Alps of wanting to “destroy the plane” when he was left alone on the flightdeck.法国检察机关对失事于阿尔卑斯山区的德国之翼(Germanwings)客机的机长明确提出指控,称之为当他独自一人回到驾驶舱时想“毁坏这架飞机”,随后各家航空公司争相改动驾驶舱规则,使其更加严苛。EasyJet, Norwegian, Monarch, Emirates and Air Canada were among those who introduced new procedures to require two people in the cockpit at all times. EasyJet said it had taken the decision after consultation with the UK’s civil Aviation Authority.易捷航空(easyJet)、挪威航空(Norwegian)、君主航空(Monarch)、阿联酋航空(Emirates)以及加拿大航空(Air Canada)都实施了新的规程,拒绝驾驶舱内任何时间都要有两人到场。

易捷航空回应在咨询英国民航管理局(Civil Aviation Authority,全称:CAA)后,做出了这一要求。The CAA has written to all UK carriers to ask what procedures they have in place for when one of the pilots leaves the flightdeck.英国民航管理局已致信英国所有航空公司,告知当一名飞行员离开了驾驶舱时,它们有何操作规程。Richard Taylor, CAA spokesman, said it was “very possible” that airlines could soon be required to have a member of the cabin crew stay in the cockpit if a pilot left for a break, as is the norm in the US.英国民航管理局发言人理查德泰勒(Richard Taylor)回应,航空公司“十分有可能”迅速就不会接到命令,拒绝当一名飞行员离开了驾驶舱去睡觉时,必需有一名乘务员回到驾驶舱里,这在美国已是常规。The pre-emptive moves by the world’s airlines come as public concern over aviation safety mounts in the wake of the Germanwings crash, which killed all 150 people on board.德国之翼客机失事事故再次发生后,公众对航空安全的注目激增,这些航空公司先行采行了行动。

此次坠机导致机上150人全部丧生。Brice Robin, the Marseille prosecutor, said that based on the cockpit voice recordings there was no explanation for why the co-pilot — whom he named as German national Andreas Lubitz, 27 — behaved as he did.法国检察官布里塞罗班(Brice Robin)回应,根据驾驶舱语音记录无法解释机长的不道德。这名机长取名为安德烈亚斯卢比茨(Andreas Lubitz),德国人,今年27岁。

“He pressed this button [to begin the descent] for a reason we still don’t know why,” Mr Robin said. “All we hear is his breathing and it is normal breathing. He didn’t say a single word after the pilot left the cockpit.”罗班说道:“他按下按钮(让飞机开始上升),我们仍不告诉原因为何。我们只听见他的呼吸声,他的排便很长时间。另一个飞行员离开了驾驶舱后他没有说道一个字。

”“When you have 150 people with you, I wouldn’t call it a suicide. That is why I am not using this word,” he told a press conference.罗班在记者会上说道:“当连你在内一共有150人时,我会称作自杀身亡。这就是为什么我不必这个词。


”Mr Robin said the passengers were probably not aware of what was going on during the eight-minute descent until shortly before the impact, at which point the Airbus A320 was travelling at 700kph (435mph).罗班回应,在飞机上升的8分钟里乘客们有可能不告诉再次发生了什么事,他们有可能直到飞机撞到山前一刻才意识到这一悲剧,此时这架空客A320的飞行速度为700千米/时(435英里/时)。“On the recording you only hear the screams in the last moments,” he said. “The Airbus A320 is rather a big plane. The passengers aren’t next to where the cockpit is, so we only hear screams at the very end. Death was instant.”他说道:“在录音里,只有在最后时刻才听见尖叫声。这架空客A320是一架相当大的飞机。乘客座位不挨着驾驶舱,因此我们只在悲剧将要再次发生的那一刻才听见惨叫声,机上人员瞬间丧生。

”Thomas de Maizière, Germany’s interior minister, said that Lubitz had no known links to terrorism. Speaking to reporters in Berlin, Mr de Maizière said: “There is no evidence of any kind of terrorist background. We checked everything.”德国内政部长托马斯德迈齐埃(Thomas de Maizière)回应,卢比茨与恐怖主义不不存在未知联系。德迈齐埃在柏林对记者回应:“没证据指出此次事故不存在任何恐怖主义背景。我们调查了一切。”Carsten Spohr, chief executive of Germanwings’ parent company Lufthansa, said there was nothing in the record of Mr Lubitz, who started working for the airline as a flight attendant, to raise concern.德国之翼的母公司汉莎航空(Lufthansa)的首席执行官卡斯滕施波尔(Carsten Spohr)回应,卢比茨没任何有一点注目的出现异常记录,他就是指这家航空公司的乘务员开始转行的。


“He was fit for flying without any restrictions,” Mr Spohr he told a press conference. “His performance was without criticism. Nothing was striking.”施波尔在记者会上说道:“卢比茨合适所有飞行中,没什么容许。他的过往展现出无可挑剔,没什么惊人之举。



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